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Nov 1, 2013 4:30pm PDT
neck. >> how some vets perform a miracle and get him back with the pack. los angeles firefighters salute a plane as passengers learn on board with them -- >> a fallen u.s. soldier. >> see the emotional journey home as travelers stop to pay tribute. plus if you want a 42 inch flat screen, we've got the buzz word to help you win. plus nick and christian go drag racing. >> looks like fun, doesn't it? >> it's more fun if you win. >> chase what's fast and furious and you have a mom on the run. this happened in keygo harbor in the detroit area. the mom, identified is a 22-year-old. according to police she had been involved in a hit and and you run and as police showed up, she took off. she's narrowly missing cars. >> and she's got children in the car? >> she's got her 1 and 2-year-old in the car. according to police, she immediately starts being combative with them. it takes two them to her to the. >> according to police, she was worried about her kids in the car but as can you see, her worry turned into a temper tantrum. she is kicking at the door, screaming. eventually when she turned
Nov 14, 2013 2:00pm EST
. >>> estÁ en los angeles, cantante mejor que nunca. >>> gÉnesis, su hermana menor confesÓ que vive con su papÁ en los Ángeles y preso m spresumio que le va en hollywood. >>> en nombre de dios la relaciÓn va a estar bien. >>> ¿serÁ que piensa lo mismo y estamos cerca del momento que las hermana rodriguez se den un abrazo?. >>> todavÍa no, pero viene, suelta la sopa, ya tengo la cuchara, el plato y la mesa servida, cuando quiera estoy esperando. >>> sabemos que liliana y gÉnesis son hijas del puma, pero no tienen la misma mamÁ. ¿a raÍz de quÉ el problema?. >>> dis cu tacutÍamos del tema hermana de familia, es el caso cuando skiflt existe un matrimo tuvo muchas diferencias, en . una mamÁ que envenenÓ los cuerpos y la relaciÓn del puma con liliana siempre fue difÍcil, se casa con carolina, la esposa del puma y tienen a la maravilla que niÑa gÉnesis que se convierte nunca flor y empiezan las diferencias de mi hija favorita y mis otras dos hijas que no di la atenciÓn porque el problema de liliana lo sabes. >>> el problema mÁs grave surgÓo hace aÑos cuando gÉnesis rodrigue
Nov 11, 2013 9:00am PST
behind this. apparently the guy, starbucks guy, brody ryan, was at a starbucks in los angeles, saw a cute girl. apparently her name, piper kennedy. a model. she gave him her phone number. he then sent her this video. the reason, the #starbucks right hand started going around. in the background, you could hear a drake song called "hold on we're going home." it started showing up everywhere. brody ryan got his 15 minutes of fame. brody ryan has written a song about his 15 minutes. ♪ you know dam well we ain't ever had no -- ♪ who would have thought about the man with starbucks hand ♪ >> this is available at brody >> the lyrics, it is all about the event. ♪ >> if you listen at the beginning, he says, we never have coffee. we have brody ryan via skype. welcome to the show. >> how are you all? thank you so much for having me. >> you say at the beginning of the song, you guys didn't really have coffee. what's the real story? >> the real story is i met her on tender, a social discovery app. i ended up giving her my phone number. we had some conversations via text messages and e
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)